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Cannabis Business Owners Share Their Hottest Recent Sellers

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A ‘cult following’ may explain why multiple Brain Squad retailers say STIIIZY’s assorted products don’t last long in their stores.
  • We sell the most product in the flower and vape categories. STIIIZY, Kanha, Farmer and the Felon, Jetty, Elyon, Pacific Stone and Jeeter are our popular brands. Sales of Elyon’s Feelz flower line are growing fast, mostly since it’s a really low price point and our customers are already familiar with their brand.” — Megan Prusynski, Doobie Nights, Santa Rosa, CA
  • “Our Green Rush child-resistant glass jars and child-resistant bags are extremely popular packaging products. Customers also love to take advantage of our easy custom decoration options.” — Christina Corbin, Green Rush Packaging, Irvine, CA
  • “STIIIZY sells really well because they have a cult following. Crumbz is also a hot seller because they have great indoor flower for an inexpensive price.” Laniakea Evans, 365 Recreational Cannabis, Santa Rosa, CA
    “Hemp-derived, THC isomers, specifically Delta-8 THC products are big sellers. The benefits, both physical and mental, consumers receive from THC products is very evident.” — Derek Besenius, LabCanna, Nashville, TN
  • “Vapes and flower are doing great for us. MFUSED sells very well because they are great quality vapes.” — Morgan Michel, The Fire House NW, Ellensburg, WA
  • “Edibles and beverages are our most popular categories. Drinks and drink powders are seeing the biggest surge in sales for us.” — Leah Madden, Sava, Oakland, CA
  • “Tinctures and gummies are hot sellers. Gummies just keep selling more and more all the time.” — Matt Storey, Charlotte’s Web, Pflugerville, TX
  • “Drinks are on the rise. Nearly as much as any other edible.” — Adrienne Airhart, The Higher Path, Sherman Oaks, CA
  • “Low-cost items sell at the highest volume. Premium products are slowing in sales as customers feel the impact of inflation. Gummies, vapes and flower specials are always hot sellers.” — Jessa Burgess, Smokey’s, Garden City, CO
  • “Our Kikoko X Tabs are High THC tablets. Dispensaries are learning about the product.” — Rebecca Willis, Kikoko,
    Emeryville, CA
  • “Our new limited edition American Shaman water soluble flavors and our Delta 8 products, especially gummies, sell really well.” — Nancy Heeney, CBD American Shaman, Kansas City, MO
  • “Harbor Hemp Water Soluble CBDs are the hot sellers. CBD Seltzers are the fast growers.” — Cara Marcoux, Harbor Hemp, Coventry, CT
  • “Pre-ground material from CommCan just moves. We can’t keep it on the shelves. Any new cookie strains that we drop immediately sell out. — Meaghan Callahan, CommCan, Medway, MA
  • “Fruit Slabs OG Mango has sold more in the last 30 days than our other flavors.” — Maggie Wilson, Fruit Slabs, Long Beach, CA

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