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Founder of London’s Lumino Shares Job Tips on Taking Yourself to Europe in the Cannabis Profession

Nikita Cretu and Ellen Jardim of Europe’s lead cannabis recruitment consultancy, Lumino, share their insight on entering the jobs market across the pond in The Cannabis Conversation presented by Anuj Desai of Canverse.




In this episode of The Cannabis Conversation, we’re joined by founder and COO Nikita Cretu & marketing director Ellen Jardim, from our lovely sponsors Lumino — Europe’s leading cannabis recruitment agency.

This episode explores the European cannabis jobs market, looking into its structure and sub sectors, the most in-demand jobs and skills and advice for talent looking to enter the market.

The Cannabis Conversation is sponsored by Lumino — a boutique HR and Recruitment Agency specialising in building high performance teams for the European Cannabis Industry. They work in three main verticals: Commercial, Medical and Plant Facing.

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About Nikita, Co-founder and COO

Nikita Cretu is a Co-founder and COO of Lumino, a recruitment consultancy focused on exclusively aligning talent within the emerging European Cannabis Industry. In 2015, during and more extensively after his business degree, Nikita started working for Europe’s first cannabis clinic in Spain, where he was responsible for the expansion into the German market and developed a deeper understanding and passion for the needs and effectiveness of cannabis based medicines and how they greatly improved the quality of patients lives. This passion drove Nikita to project manage and in turn consult various cannabis companies in the Americas, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the UK in the field of licensing, real estate, raw materials and genetics before the inception of Lumino.

With Nikita’s passion for drug policy reform, patient access and overall love for the industry and its potential, he can not wait to further develop this space by supporting value driven organisations and professionals who’s culture, expertise and knowledge can shape this industry for the better.

About Ellen, Managing Director

Ellen Jardim is the Managing Director for Lumino Group with a background in traditional pharmaceutical recruitment. She is the architect and operator of the entire recruitment process which is specifically designed to match the nuanced requirements of the emerging cannabis industry. Building strong, long term and mutually beneficial relationships with clients and candidates. She thrives when working in diverse companies that are driven by strong values and ethics.


  • 0:00 Welcome to The Cannabis Conversation
  • 01:21 Introduction to Ellen and her background
  • 02:09 Did you face any issues with the topic area or from friends and family when starting to work in the cannabis industry?
  • 03:09 Being a Christian in cannabis
  • 03:47 Introduction to Nikita and his background
  • 09:20 About Lumino and the three verticals they operate in
  • 12:04 Lumino’s bespoke approach
  • 13:33 How Covid affected the cannabis jobs market
  • 16:37 Sectors and subsectors within the cannabis jobs market
  • 18:03 Popular jobs in the European cannabis industry right now
  • 23:33 Existing industries job seekers are coming from
  • 27:33 Advice for people looking to get into the cannabis industry


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About Anuj

I’m Anuj Desai – a commercial advisor, lawyer and founder of Canverse – a strategic consultancy helping founders, entrepreneurs and businesses navigate the emerging cannabis industry.

Please follow The Cannabis Conversation to keep up to date with news and insights from the industry, and get in touch at to discuss how I can help your business move forward in the cannabis sector!



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