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Respect My Region to Kick-Off North American Weed Tour Showcasing Cannabis Culture

Social media and PR platform connecting community to cannabis and music culture, RMR’s 2nd tour covers cannabis in U.S., Canada and Mexico.




Cannabis and music-focused meda firm Respect My Region will present the North American Weed Tour — a comprehensive showcase of cannabis products and services nationally. PHOTO COURTESY RMR.

Respect My Region is getting ready to roll on its second annual North American Weed Tour. The Seattle, WA-based music, media and cannabis-centric company is promising this year’s RMR tour will be bigger and better in showcasing cannabis products and culture through livestreams and social media in recreational markets across the nation.

“This year, the tour has been specially crafted to have a greater impact on cannabis brands in emerging markets while also amplifying the success of industry leaders and innovators,” said RMR CEO and founder, Mitch Pfeifer.

Founded in 2011, Respect My Region is a community-centric platform that connects people to cannabis culture. RMR services music and cannabis markets in the U.S. and Canada. The brand offers custom content creation, marketing and management services, SEO, targeted advertising, influencer campaigns, event promotion, content distribution and PR services.

Respect My Region’s logo. PHOTO COURTESY RMR

The low-down of the high life
Shooting from the hip-hop in its authentic coverage of cannabis culture, RMR will host 250 podcasts and Instagram Live Streams showcasing cannabis products, retailers, farms, labs, kitchens, ancillary services and technology. Last year, the company’s West Coast Weed Tour reviewed and spotlighted the hundreds of California’s cannabis cultivars and creations across the Golden State.

Beginning July 10, this year, the North American Weed Tour will review 500+ products and showcase brands featuring more than 100 industry leaders on the company’s YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch. Media and PR partnerships for the 2022 North American Weed Tour include 40 Tons, AZ Cannabis News, Beard Bros Pharms, The Bluntness, The Cannabis Library, The Cannigma, Ganjapreneur, Heady NJ, Honeysuckle Magazine, Illinois News Joint, Puf Creativ and Skunk Magazine.


“After last year’s overwhelmingly successful tour, we’re excited to scale the campaign to include more than just product reviews and podcast interviews. This year, we’ve added 420 University, an educational series with Betty Krocker Bakes and myself, the Legacy Cannabis Podcast hosted by Adam Ill, and the Gas or Trash Instagram Live Stream and Podcast series hosted by Mistah Cannabis. Additionally, our team is launching the Canadian Cannabis Podcast, Northeast Cannabis Podcast, and the Midwest Cannabis Podcast,” said Joseph Brabo, co-owner of RMR.



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