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Cannaconvo with Founder and Chairman at Irwin Naturals, Klee Irwin

Jon sits down for a fascinating Cannaconvo (or perhaps PsycheSitdown?) with Klee Irwin, Founder and Chairman at Irwin Naturals.




Jon sits down for a fascinating Cannaconvo (or perhaps PsycheSitdown?) with Klee Irwin, Founder and Chairman at Irwin Naturals. They first discuss how Klee’s personal journey led him from great business success to a deep desire to do good.  With the mental health crisis and the irrefutable science behind psychedelics as a significant mental health aid, Klee and Jon discuss how Klee’s philanthropic goals have led him to work to build the first national psychedelic clinic chain.

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Klee Irwin is an author, physicist and businessman who serves as CEO and Chairman of Irwin Naturals Inc. and Director of Quantum Gravity Research (QGR), a non-profit research institute he founded in 2009.

Founded by Klee in 1994, Irwin Naturals is an award-winning global nutraceutical company providing with products selling in nearly 100,000 outlets, ranging from Whole Foods to Walmart, and having a North American brand recognition in excess of 100 million people. The company is the world’s first household name to move into the psychedelic mental health space and expects to be the same in cannabis. Irwin Naturals is a long-time supporter of Vitamin Angels, which aims to provide lifesaving vitamins to mothers and children at risk of malnutrition thereby reducing preventable illness, blindness, and death and creating healthier communities.

As the Director of QGR, Klee manages a dedicated team of mathematicians and physicists developing emergence theory. The mission of the organization is to discover the geometric first-principles unification of space, time, matter, energy, information and consciousness. Since 2009, the team has published over 60 papers and journal articles laying out some of the mathematical building blocks and axiomatic ideas for this unification model.


Outside of his work in physics and nutraceuticals, Klee is active in supporting students, scientists, educators and founders in their aim to discover solutions leading to high impact positive change in the world. He has supported and invested in a wide range of people, causes and companies including, Upworthy, Donors Choose, Moon Express, the X PRIZE Foundation, and Singularity University, where he is an Associate Founder.

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