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Medical Cannabis in Missouri Expected to Reach $2 billion by 2030

New market report finds the oil and tinctures segment accounts for the largest share of sales.




Graffiti promoting the legalization of cannabis is seen on a street in Missouri in 2015 — three years before the state legalized medical marijuana. PHOTO PAUL SABLEMAN

The market for medical cannabis is Missouri is expected to reach $2 billion by 2030, with an anticipated annual growth of 22.7 percent over the next seven years, according to new data provided by

Sales of oils and tinctures are leading the pack in the Show-Me State’s embrace of cannabis. Since November 2018, Missouri has allowed the cultivation, processing, manufacturing and sale of medical cannabis.

Applications for medical permits has seen a sharp rise over the past four years. In its market forecast spanning 2022-2030, Research and Markets credits the growing acceptance of marijuana’s health advantages impelling growth and behind its rosy projections for the Missouri medical market.

Based on the number of applications and diagnoses, the chronic pain segment dominated the market in 2021 — accounting for 25 percent of sales. Medical applications associated with pain from arthritis, cancer, headache, back, neck and other neurogenic issues stand out as the chronic disorders being treated with cannabis.

The oils and tinctures segment accounted for the largest revenue share among products in 2021, bringing more than half of the of the sales. The ease of use of oils and tinctures over smoking flower is seen as responsible, along with sales boosted by the increased use of cannabis extracts as effective treatment for health conditions such as PTSD, epilepsy, autism and chronic pain.

Oils and tinctures are also anticipated to grow fastest during the forecast period as the medical use of extracts extends even further.






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