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LeaFly Branches Out Into Sales

Visitors can now browse and shop directly from popular cannabis-discovery marketplace’s website and app.




New to Leafly’s website is the option to place orders from local dispensaries and delivery services. PHOTO COURTESY LEAFLY

Consumers researching cannabis strains have, for a decade, turned to Leafly’s online cannabis encyclopedia. Now, the cannabis discovery marketplace is moving directly into sales. Beginning in May, Leafly’s users can place orders from local delivery services and dispensaries from one integrated platform – via the Leafly website and app.

Seattle, WA-based Leafly’s corporate logo. COURTESY LEAFLY

Leafly has been a go-to research tool for many exploring cannabis online. According to the Seattle, WA-based company, each year more than 120 million of the canna-curious visit its site — in addition to 10 million regularly monthly users — to research product at their local stores.
Its database includes the highs and lows on more than 5,000 cannabis strains, covering THC content, cannabinoids and genetics. The strain profiles are complimented by 1.5 million consumer product reviews where users share their personal psychological insights into strains.

Tracking what we’re toking
Leafly leverages its data and resources to identify trends in the cannabis community to provide retailers with marketing insights. Through sales tracking, Leafly revealed what’s currently motivating shoppers in the Golden State.

  • Blue Dream, a hybrid strain with California origins, is by far the most popular strain in the state
  • Flower is the preferred way to consume cannabis in California, making up more than 41% of all cannabis product purchases on Leafly in the state in 2021
  • After flower, the Golden State’s most popular products, in order of popularity, are cartridges, prerolls, concentrates, and edibles

Top shelf service
Leafly’s cannabis marketplace offers more than 4,000 strains from local retailers and brands from across the state — many of the strains originating from California cultivators. Leafly’s partnership and reputation should help businesses increase visibility and traffic through a seamles, end-to-end e-commerce experience, offering an additional layer of convenience and trust.

“Leafly is the informed way to shop for cannabis because our leading database of strain and product reviews is a vital resource for cannabis consumers. By adding the ability to place orders for delivery, we’re combining our expertise and deep content catalog with a new layer of convenience for consumers,” said Yoko Miyashita, CEO of Leafly. “Leafly remains committed to expanding options and access for consumers, brands, and retailers through new features like delivery. It’s one way we support the regulated cannabis market in California and elsewhere.”

To order for delivery on Leafly, users can download the company’s iOS app via the Apple App Store or visit Once users verify their age and location, local dispensaries will display available product and delivery times. They say knowledge is power. Leafly’s storehouse of cannabis knowledge has steered many to it website, and the company now hopes to guide them to easier purchases.




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