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Consumer Intros CBD Calculators to Help Consumers with Dosages, Product Research

Some 71% of CBD consumers self-determine their dosages without professional assistance, most through trial-and-error.



on last month introduced four calculators to help CBD consumers determine optimal CBD dosages for themselves and their pets, as well as pricing, potency and product label accuracy of CBD products.

An estimated 71% of CBD users self-dosage without consulting a professional, according to Leafreport. The four new calculators are designed to supplement Leafreport’s surveys, which focus on consumer CBD products and their usage, with online tools consumers can use to better research CBD products.

The CBD industry watchdog’s medical review team consists of physicians, chemists, nutritionists, pharmacists, and naturopaths.’s stated mission is to promote transparency in the CBD industry via patient-focused, educational content and medical reviews.

The new calculators were developed in response to a recent Leafreport dosage report which found that more than 42% of CBD users self-determine dosage based on trial and error, and that 71% of CBD users self-determine dosage without any professional guidance. The calculators were designed for users to determine what may be the best regime for themselves or their pets, and whether products match their advertising and labeling claims.

“After taking a look at the results of some of our most recent surveys, we knew that releasing these calculators was the next logical step,” product manager Gal Shapira said. “Leafreport’s goal has always been to increase transparency within the CBD market and these calculators help to further that mission by giving consumers a way to test rate and test products on their own.”

The four calculators help consumers with the following research tasks, according to Leafreport:

  • Dosage Calculator: The CBD dosage calculator helps you determine what amount of CBD you should be taking for yourself or your pet. This will give you an estimated recommended dosage of CBD. Keep in mind that this calculator is not meant to replace a doctor’s advice and should only be used as a rough starting point for choosing CBD dosages.
  • Price Calculator: The CBD price calculator measures the value of CBD products. The calculator shows you the cost per milligram (mg) of CBD based on the price and total amount of CBD, and assigns it one of three possible grades: low (bargain), average (market), or pricey (high). This allows you to compare the value of CBD products and determine if you’re getting a good deal.
  • Lab Results Calculator: The CBD lab results calculator calculates how much CBD you’re actually getting based on the label on your CBD product. It will then display the percentage difference between the amount of CBD on the label and the amount in the product. If it’s less than 10%, the product gets an A rating.
  • Potency Calculator: The CBD potency calculator measures a product’s CBD concentration. Having a higher potency means that the effects will be stronger. The calculator gives you a low, moderate, or high ranking based on the product’s strength in either mg per ml or mg per piece.

Leafreport researchers conduct broad studies of industry product labeling practices, pricing and potency testing with the help of cannabis testing labs like Canalysis to confirm or challenge advertised CBD levels in products. The watchdog has recently conducted narrower studies into product categories like Delta-8, topicals, edibles and beverages.

Brad Cheng is the digital editor of Global Cannabis Times, produced by SmartWork Media. Brad's journalism career spans working as an editor for PR Newswire, The Nation and The Santa Barbara News Press, and as Managing Editor of The Katy Courier, and publisher of Now This in Princeton. His career as a screenwriter took him into entertainment advertising, writing major film campaigns for studios and for HBO.



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