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Humboldt Family Farms celebrates counterculture as the cannabis sponsor of new Herb Greene photography exhibition.




The Haight Street Ashbury Experience and The Pursuit of Happiness: The Photography of Herb Greene

One of the best way to expand your business is by engaging with your community. Sponsorships, like buying new jerseys for the local T-ball team or contributing to a animal shelter is a way to win hearts and loyalty to your shop.  Involving yourself as part of local arts or music scene, within which an naturally affinity for cannabis seems to lie,  is a perfect fit for a cannabis sponsorship.

Humboldt Family Farms announced Friday being named the official cannabis sponsor of The Haight Street Art Center’s new exhibition, “The Haight-Ashbury Experience and the Pursuit of Happiness: The Photography of Herb Greene,” celebrating San Francisco’s pioneering rock photographer and icon of the 1960s counterculture.

While Humboldt’s Cannabis growers were developing the cannabis culture that became synonymous with the time period, Greene was capturing the heart and soul of the biggest names of the music and art scene through his photography. Greene is best known for his portraits of rock legends like the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Led Zeppelin, Rod Stewart and others who shaped the music of the sixties.

With the exhibition celebrating art that embodies the spirit of the 60s and 70s, Humboldt Family Farms is commited to honoring the roots of the Cannabis culture of that same generation.

“Just as we work to capture and preserve the legacy of those initial Cannabis farmers, Haight Street Art Center is conserving and commemorating the magic Herb Greene captured through his photography of the art and music icons that defined the generation,” says Scott Vasterling, Founder of Humboldt Family Farms. “We’re honored to come together to celebrate these two integral parts of the 1960s counterculture that have together influenced American lifestyle for decades.”

In honor of the exhibition, which opended Feb. 23, Humboldt Family Farms, together Full Moon Farms, curated a special Private Reserve selection based on Emerald Cup and Golden Tarp winning strains. This same selection is available online as part of the Humboldt Family Farms Private Reserve delivery service.


Humboldt Family Farms cannabis also play part in the Haight Street Art Center’s upcoming benefit, “An Evening with Bob Weir,” where guests will get to enjoy a part of their night with the founding member of The Grateful Dead at their table.

For more information, or to purchase Cannabis direct from the legendary Emerald Triangle farmers, visit



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