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High Tide’s Subscription Program Takes Flight, Crossing the Atlantic

Gaining a half-million members in Canada, cannabis retailer sees its value-based loyalty and subscription programs as innovation toward predictable revenue stream.




High Tide of Calgary, Canada announced that data released by New Cannabis Ventures ranks the company as Canada’s top revenue-generating cannabis company. PHOTO COURTESY HIGH TIDE

Calgary-based High Tide has launched a new subscribe-and-save program in the United Kingdom, following the success of its Cabana Club Loyalty Program in Canada and discount club programs in the U.S.  In just seven months, the cannabis-focused retailing company enrolled a half-million members in its subscribe-and-save Cabana Club program in Canada. Now, High Tide’s U.K. subsidiary, Blessed CBD, is introducing its CBD-focused Wellness Club to cannabis customers across the pond.

Joining Blessed CBD’s Wellness Club, members can customize auto-renewing orders with items from across Blessed CBD’s product line, including oils, gummies, capsules and topicals. Members can pick their own delivery schedules — from a goodies drop every two weeks to one every three months. Members receive a 20% discount on their first purchase and, most alluringly, a 25% discount thereafter for life on all Blessed CBD products.

Value-based Loyalty
In addition to convenience and locked-in savings for members, High Tide believes its subscribe-and-save programs solidify customer loyalty and establish brand equity. Because Wellness Club memberships auto-renew, Blessed CBD expects to boost its lifetime value per customer and grow a predictable, recurring revenue stream. The Wellness Club will initially only be available in the United Kingdom. Blessed CBD intends to expand the discount program into Germany in the future.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX! High Tide subsidiary,, offers subscriptions to both monthly curated CBD boxes and smoking accessories. PHOTO COURTESY SMOKECARTEL.COM

“Over the past year, we have acquired businesses that are well-positioned to cultivate recurring and predictable revenue streams through the innovative use of value-based loyalty and subscription programs,” said Raj Grover, president and CEO of High Tide. “As we continue to build upon our diversified cannabis ecosystem, I expect that we will be able to drive further revenue growth with minimal capital cost by leveraging our organic innovations and applying them across our various platforms.”

Saving for the States
The company also announced that NuLeaf Naturals of Denver, CO has a revamped subscribe-and-save program, based on the subscription format launched by High Tide U.S. subsidiary FAB CBD in March. NuLeaf subscribe-and-save members will now receive a 20% discount for life on all products they purchase after signing up.


High Tide, with 122-and-mortar stores spanning Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, as well as global e-commerce assets, is the largest non-franchised Canadian retailer of recreational cannabis. Founded in 2009, the company operates across Canada, Europe and the U.S.  The company lays claim to being North America’s first and only cannabis discount club retailer. High Tide has been serving consumers for over a decade through its established e-commerce platforms including smoking accessories and CBD-focused in Las Vegas, NV, of Savannah, GA and headquartered in Signal Hill, CA.

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