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GCT Brain Squadders Share the Hottest Sellers for November-December

“Our clients are really satisfied with our highest quality products,” says one of them.




  • Dr. Damas CBD tinctures provide a unique experience that customers love. Our proprietary blends of terpenes and botanicals enhance the qualities of the CBD while also producing flavors that complement its effect. Our “Old Fashioned Orange” tincture is a best-seller—it calls to mind its namesake cocktail, while the alpha-pinene and beta-caryophyllene within promote similar relief from daily strain. — Michael Montuori, Dr. Damas Wellness, Miami, FL
  • The winter tends to be slow in general, especially for outdoor flower, but our vape products have stepped up in sales to fill that gap, and we have recently added more concentrate options to our menu so those are starting to do well, especially for products on the lower priced end. — Megan Prusynski, Doobie Nights, Santa Rosa, CA
  • CBD tinctures and ointments are new to Colombia, so there’s a buzz around them that brings customers to us to find out more. — Andrés Correa, Plant Spirits, Envigado, Colombia
  • Beverages are trending up as a product category—which is great for us! — Doug Mancosky, Hydro Dynamics, Inc., Rome, GA
  • As heavy consumers ourselves, we understand the economics of cannabis consumption. Our Fulton 5’er pre-rolls are probably the best bang for your buck on the California market. Hand-topped and made of the best sugar shake from renowned indoor cultivators—these are the secret to our success. The burn, draw and flavor profiles are extremely important to us, and of course honest potency results. We’ve pinpointed our highest velocity products and decided to do a massive SKU rationalization of the slower moving products in our portfolio, while massively expanding the flavors and offerings of our high velocity movers. — Ali Jamalian, Sunset Connect, SF, CA
  • Real estate-based lending to cannabis owners offers a product that’s cheaper than equity and allows them to move fast and leverage the future of their real estate asset. — Al Roberson, Lead Funding, Denver, CO
  • Edibles outshined other product categories in 2022. Heighten products have been tremendously popular and are frequently out of stock due to high demand and supply chain issues. Vapes have fallen prey to the same supply chain issues, and Heighten’s unique strain profiles have routinely been gobbled up by customers as soon as they’re on our retail floor. Beverages have spiked in popularity, due to customers’ comfort with the consumption method and meteoric rise in product selection availability. — Derek Besenius, LabCanna, Nashville, TN
  • Our clients are really satisfied with our highest quality products. Having a large selection is also a big customer draw. — Sam Ukpedinjagba, MyCannabisPlus, Las Cruces, NM
  • Vendor support is critical to helping us with products that sell best. — Leeann Hearl, Greenlight, Kansas City, MO

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