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Episode 9: Texans Want On the Cannabus

Uber starts taking weed orders in Canada + Texans strongly support adult-use legalization + more!




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HIGHLIGHTS: Uber Starts Taking Weed Orders in Canada + Texans Strongly Support Adult-use Legalization + More!

GOLDEN NUG: The Curious Case of the Bureau of Indian Affairs + MORE!

MORE: OH Activists Nearing Needed Signatures for Ballot + SD Supreme Court Shoots Down Adult Use Voter Approved Ballot + MORE?!?

Hybrid News/Analysis Extract from 420+ Sources: Featuring all the developments this past week in the cannabis world on the federal level, state legalization/implementation, science/technology, business deals, international scene, social equity, celebrity cameos, and miscellaneous ridiculousness.

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own, and not those of my law firm Zuber Lawler. Even though I drop knowledge bombs, the show is NOT legal advice.


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Hello, my buds and welcome to the November 29th post Thanksgiving episode of cannabis last week from global cannabis times hybrid news and analysis extracted from over 420 sources each week in our highlight stories this week, Uber takes we’d order. In Canada and Texas, a new poll showed strong bi-partisan support and the state for adult use legalization and our golden nugget story.

The bureau of Indian affairs busted and medical marijuana, domestic grow in New Mexico and tribal lands. Now I’m your host, John Pirro. And before we get down to business, I need to make my standard. By night, I fight crime as a mass vigilante, but by date I practice cannabis and or IP law for the law firm, Zuber Lawler.
So any views I express or those of my own, and not those of my law firm, for example, if I was to say something really, really controversial, like I’m not a fan of stuff. I’m just going to be honest with you. It’s delicious. It’s right up my alley. I love bread. I love garlic. I love everything that goes into it, but I just have this image in my head to want to eat stuffing.

It goes right down to my gut and really solidifies into a medicine. That has stuck there forever. And so I’m just going to say it, not a fan of stuffing. So that would be my own opinion. And not that of my law firms, Uber Lawler, which to my knowledge has not released any position on stuffing in general.

And I just need to say. This podcast does not constitute legal advice. So don’t be a dummy and pretend like it does. And as always feel free to subscribe. And if you have any feedback, send it to Alrighty onto the news, which frankly, we’re lucky. I was able to record at all since I was in a Turkey trip to fan induced coma for the past two days, but I was able to roll myself into the recording studio.


And by that, I mean our guest room and I have to do. That if you hear anything that sounds like thunder in the background, it’s actually just, my six-year-old running around with her friend on a play date. So my apologies, I did not record this episode at midnight on a Saturday. Like I like to do now, um,


To our highlight stories, you know, which I have to say it was a very, very slow week in general because effectively we’re two days short because of the Thanksgiving.

And so in other weeks, I feel like maybe this would be a golden nugget, but in this week of slow news, I’m going to bump it up to a highlight. So Uber eats in Canada is going to be taking orders for Tokyo smoke dispensary’s but the one thing I want to note is that as for pickup. And not for delivery. So the reason why I want to highlight this is because in the past already Uber CEO in an interview said that when the time came for federal legalization in the U S Uber would be ready and waiting to hop on in.

And so this seems like the first time that Uber is essential. Going on a test case run to see how this would work. So steps are being taken. And I think it’s all interesting for us that when you see big tech companies like Uber moving an Amazon, starting to lobby in favor of federal legalization, these are the types of stories to take note.

Cause these are the things that might actually end up moving the needle though. I’ll be honest. I’m not so concerned that mark Zuckerberg is going to be taking marijuana into the metaverse. I just don’t really think it’s going to translate properly. Now the other story, the highlight that we have is in Texas, a strong majority, 67% of Texans, which tracks basically to federal legalization pose I’ll show support in the 66 to 68 percentage range and Texas 67% of Texans support adult use cannabis legalization, and that is the majority across different demographics.

So politicians in Texas. Take note, wink, wink, maybe move on this because your constituents want to see it happen. Don’t be marijuana no better. As I like to call them, you know, like say, you know, John tester is one example in a state where there’s adult use legalization, move forward with some legislation because the people actually want.


Now in our golden nugget story, this is the type of thing I like to highlight because of the inequity of it. And because we need to ask, why did this happen? The bureau of Indian affairs, which is a subset of the department of interior, rated a home in the Pueblo, a pre-chorus and native American town and tribal territory.

And New Mexico, a state where the plant is legal for adult use, and they seized nine marijuana plants that the owner who was the husband of a tribal member, but not an actual member of the tribe was growing for medical purposes. So this seems kind of like hearkening back a couple of weeks to the curious case of the cannabis cash carrying card.

This is an interesting step and enforcement where you kind of question what’s going on here. Is this an outlier? Is this a lone Wolf, federal agent and forcing where they shouldn’t be, if they’re respecting state or tribal laws, or is this something that’s indicative of something larger? In which case it would certainly be more concerning.


Moving over to federal news a slow week.

Thank you to Thanksgiving. There’s just a bunch of letter writing brought to you by your sponsor. Jane Austin. The first letter that we want to discuss is a bipartisan group of senators on the important Senate armed services committee wrote a letter to Senate leadership, asking them to move forward with the national defense authorization act with the safe banking act style protections that were built into the house version of.

So let’s see what happens. The second letter that was important to note from this week was that a couple of state attorneys, general bi-partisan state attorneys general also wrote a letter to send that leadership, asking them that when they pass federally, it was station that they make sure that the federal government work with state governments, where they’re adult use markets.


So, you know, they want everyone to hold hands and sing. Koombaya. But notably they did not come out in favor or against Chuck Schumer’s current iteration of.


Moving over to state news in Ohio, a couple things to note this week, first off the coalition to regulate marijuana like alcohol or the creme LACO.

As I like to call it as soon going to have the approximately 130,000 signatures that they need. To move forward on their quote, unquote, these things are called initiated statutes. So what happens here is to recap is they get their 130,000 signatures. It goes up to the state legislature to potentially move forward with that.

How. We know that even while the Republican state legislator has proposed his own version of legalization, bill, the Republican leadership of the state assembly laughed and talked about the prospects of that bill. And so we should not assume that this is actually going to get approved by the legislature, in which case, from my understanding, they will need to collect another hundred and 30,000 signatures in order to get it.

So if it comes to that point and make sure to spread the weed, I mean, spread, spread the word, you know what I mean? And other Ohio news, the board of pharmacy was going to award another 73 dispensary licenses. So try and guess how many hours. They got for those 73 licenses, if you guessed by prices, right.

Rules as always on this podcast, 1,463 applications, then you are correct. But that is a crazy, crazy amount of applications for 73 licenses, but seems to make sense, considering that Ohio appears to be on the path towards adult use legalization and those medical licenses become a lot more valuable when adult use comes through moving over to Florida.
Uh, bill has been proposed by a Republican, the Democrat in the state legislature that would regulate Delta eight. So to recap, Well, most states have moved to explicitly make Delta eight illegal. The two states that zagged where Louisiana and Florida, Florida is trying to actually regulate this. When more specificity by virtue of this bill in New Jersey, a list of the impact zones was released by the cannabis regulatory commission.

These are important because these are areas. Where the state is trying to drive some of these licensed applicants to either be located or to employ people from, because these are areas that are economically depressed or where the war on drugs had a very significant impact. And it’s also notable for licensed applicants because if they can’t effectively quote, unquote, cut the line by virtue of being a social equity business, or for other reasons, employing people from one of these areas or being located in one of these areas as a manner to.
Cut the line in front of other applicants that don’t meet some of these other criteria in Michigan, a $200 million product recall happened because of some irregularities done with testing by Veritas, a state licensed marijuana safety. Now this happened a little bit ago. However, there were some articles this week, the highlight of the fact that certain dispensary’s and other people who are in the industry that are effectively mom and pop shops have been greatly impacted by this recall.

And so it’s something to keep note of and see how it plays out in the. Moving over to South Dakota and I’m not going to lie. This one pisses me off. Let’s go back November, 2020, the voters in South Dakota approved and ballot measure that would have legalized adult use marijuana. What happened? Governor Kristi Noem, a Republican challenged the ballot measure on the basis of a technicality that I had more than one issue.

A lower court in the state upheld the ban, struck down the ballot measure. And what happened recently was the state Supreme court agreed with striking it down. And so that ballot measure is dead. And that’s why it’s good that activists in the state are moving forward with other ballot measures for 2022, that would effectively.
Separate round or sidestep some of these technicalities to avoid this from happening again, but incredibly frustrating. The will of the voters was effectively overrun overwritten by the governor who was a marijuana better as I like to call them. And in California, there’s news that they’re going to increase the cannabis cultivation tax soon, despite the projections of a $31 billion surplus and one specific entrepreneur.

Michael Mikey Steinmetz. And I’m going to admire anyone who goes by the name, Mikey and adulthood. I mean, I’m a Jonathan, but I typically go by John cause it’s less syllables, but I’ve never been able to really, I wanted to, but never crossed over to becoming a Johnny. Just like I thought that my personality might make me a bow tie guy, but I never quite been able to pull the trigger to become a full bow tie guy.

Neither have I ever gone to full Johnny, but anyways, I admire this guy. He is the co-founder of the company that makes the flow cannabis brand. And what he did was in a column and medium essentially called for everyone to join him in the state and not pay the taxes once they raise them. So let’s see how that plays out.
Is he going to be joined in this initiative by other businesses or is he going to be an outlier, which case. Good luck with that.


Moving on to cities. I kind of feel like I need a subset of cities in the state section because of this ongoing movement of cities taking the mantle and saying that they want to decriminalize marijuana.

This week, St. Louis is moving forward to decriminalized possession of marijuana of up to 35 grams moving over to business green, new deal. Multi-state operator air wellness announced that is going to acquire dispensary 33, which operates to dispensary’s in Chicago for at least $55 million and Arizona vertically integrated company, copper state farms management is going to be acquiring for $15 million.

Green goods, a licensed dispensary in Phoenix from goodness growth holdings, moving over to science, medical study, all that goodness. We talked recently in a golden nugget story about how the distinction between sativa and Endeca is effectively BS as shown by recent study and others before it. Now the researchers are Dow house a university from that study released an article, talking a little bit about their findings.

I just want to highlight. Two particular facts from that story that I found to be very, very interesting and illustrative of the issues with this distinction between sativa Endeca first off in 1999, the cannabis strain quite famous named AK 47 at the cannabis cup one, the sativa. And then only four years later, one the Endeca cup section, same strain within four years.

And another example to give is that they tested these researchers to strains that were both named OG. And found that the two strains that they tested, the two samples that they tested were more similar to other strains with different names than they were similar to each other. Genetically. So unfortunately, strain names also don’t hold that much weight when you’re talking about different samples that you’re testing that could be in the same state.

That could be another. Who knows, but unfortunately, strain names don’t necessarily mean that much.


And, and our latest episode of D skunked we are when we debunk certain myths, propagated against marijuana in the industry, or otherwise a new study out of Canada found that legalization did not increase the number of traffic injuries.

So this study looked at. The years, 2015 to 2019 and Ontario and Alberta, and found that there was no increase in traffic accidents, post legalization,


Moving over to international news, the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and balanced that had contracted a company called farm out of Australia to make an investment worth more than $400 million to set up a cannabis production factory in the.

So, Hey us, federal governments. Guess what? The Taliban is more progressive about marijuana than you. Do you want to be on that side of history? Or should we get moving on that? Just saying, and over in Mexico, the latest version of a draft bill to set up an adult use market is being circulated. So Mexican government it’s been years since the Supreme court effectively said that you had to move forward to legalization.

So if you could pass this already, please, pretty pleased. We would say, grassy us, see what I did. Yeah. Dressy. Yes. All right.


And, and our final story and miscellaneous news, that Canadian company has released suppositories with THC targeted towards female consumers. I don’t really know what to say in response to that, but apparently they will literally think of everything in terms of ways to introduce THC into your body.

And with that, I say, stay grassy my buds, and I’ll see you next time.

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