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Cannabis Last Week

Episode 8: Rep Mace Win du Race for Repub. Releasing Fed Decrim Bill

Also … Germany set to legalize adult use marijuana + MORE!




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HIGHLIGHTS: Repub Rep Mace Proposes Fed Decrim Bill + Germany Set to Legalize Adult Use Marijuana + MORE!

+ MORE = Infrastructure Bill Opens Up Marijuana Research + Biden Pardons Turkeys But Not Fed Marijuana Offense Prisoners + MORE?!?

Hybrid News/Analysis Extract from 420+ Sources: Featuring all the developments this past week in the cannabis world on the federal level, state legalization/implementation, science/technology, business deals, international scene, social equity, celebrity cameos, and miscellaneous ridiculousness.

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own, and not those of my law firm Zuber Lawler. Even though I drop knowledge bombs, the show is NOT legal advice.

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Hello, and welcome to the November 22nd episode of cannabis last week from global cannabis times, AKA the weekend update of weed. If you’d like my sense of humor, that much. I’m your host, John. And our highlights stories this week are public and representative is actually announced a bill to federally decriminalize, marijuana and German politicians have come to an agreement to legalize adult use marijuana.

Now, before we get down to business, I need to give my usual disclaimer, by day I practice cannabis and IP law, the law from Zuber Lawler. So I need to note that any views expressed during this podcast are my own views and not those of. For example, if I were to say that I appreciate that Aquafina has not ditched her ridiculous rap name in the credits of her movies, that she becomes a bigger and bigger star side note.

You should totally watch shine G then rewatch the last 40 minutes, four nights in a row. But anyways, all of that, that would be my own view and not out of super Lawler. And also note that this podcast is not legal advice. So don’t be a dumb ass and pretend that it is as always, if you have any feedback, please send it to


And all right. It’s time to puff, puff and pass the news on to you and our highlights stories this week, circling back representative Nancy mace of South Carolina introduced the state’s reformed act. The state’s reformed act would let’s do a running. The schedule cannabis from the controlled substances act, it would also preserve state’s authority to regulate or prohibit cannabis, similar fashion to what they do with alcohol.

It would expunge past cannabis convictions. It would grandfather in existing state licensees and surprise, surprise by comparison to the democratic legalization bill. They would have a much lower federal excise tax of 3%. And. Also create a pathway for cannabis, infused foods, drugs, dietary supplements, and designated state medical cannabis products.


Now, here is some concentrated analysis. Now this type of bill being introduced, obviously very, very big news, and we need to look at a couple of factors. So first off this proposed bill is apparently backed by the Koch brothers of Americans for prosperity, one of the deepest money groups behind the Republican party nationwide.

And I think that that therefore makes it basically the position of the Republican party with the caveat that Trump has not weighed in on the issue that I’m aware of. So let’s see how that shakes out and also let’s keep in mind, what’s going to happen now in 2022. It is possible that Republicans might take back both houses of Congress, in which case, what are the chances that this bill can move forward to become law?

And here’s what I’d say, you know, if they have the house and perhaps this passes, and then the question becomes just like it does right now. Would they have potentially 60 votes to be able to avoid a filibuster and pass the Senate. And perhaps there are some more conservative Democrats like Joe mansion or Kristen Sinema that might be more comfortable with this than the current democratic Chuck Schumer bill.

So say he gets 60 votes. What happens. I think then, you know, president, Biden’s probably going to have a hard time passing it, right. Because there would be an incentive to pass it. Cause he always prided himself on his ability to reach across the aisle. And so that would be one reason for him to sign it.

But ultimately I kind of think that. He would get a lot of flack from the left from Progressive’s because this bill would not have anywhere near as much in terms of social equity as democratic proposals. And in general, it doesn’t really seem so enthused about legalization, which I think traces back to for psychological reasons, relating to a son Hunter’s addiction issues, which in my opinion, unfortunately means that the timeline for federal legalization.

Extends at least past 20, 24, but Hey, remember, it’s not death by a thousand cuts. It’s a legal high by a thousand hits. And the hits just keep on coming. Sorry. Good to help myself. And the other highlights story Germany. Apparently there is a deal between the next coalition government that will be coming into power soon.


A deal between the center left social Democrats. The environmentalist pro spending greens and the libertarian business friendly free Democrats, basically a compromise that can never happen in this country and our, you know, unfortunately limited two party system. So they have agreed to a framework to legalize recreational marijuana.

Let’s keep in mind that Germany has 85 million people as the strongest economy in the EU. So this is huge news on international level. I did not actually have any golden nuggets stories that just those highlights always were quite good. So, you know, we rolled with those


Moving over to federal news.

And you know, the Nancy Maysville bill is all the rage, but what about good old Chucky Schumer and his bill? They lamely acronym the cow. Well, in an interview this week, Chuck Schumer said that he was open to exploring some other way of advancing banking reform. If lawmakers at the same time, incorporate social equity provisions, and he was referring to possibly tacking it on two separate defense policy legislation.

That the chamber has been taking up soon. So perhaps he doesn’t go as ambitious as he has with the cow Iowa. And he actually passes the safe banking style reforms, tied to social equity in some fashion and other federal news. The Titanic infrastructure bill included provisions. I would open up cannabis research and let researchers study the actual marijuana that’s being sold in dispensary’s today, rather than.

The marijuana at the university of Mississippi that they have been researching for decades, which recently was revealed to be genetically closer to hemp with is 0.3% THC. Then the things that are currently being sold state by state in dispensary’s. So ha take that university to Mississippi. You were ironclad monopoly and lame cannabis research is almost at a nine.


The legislation and also encourage states that have enacted legalization laws to educate people about impaired driving,


Moving over to state news, let’s start with DC, which I will always out of principle include in the state news section because it has a larger population than at least two states in the U S.

Now, apparently in DC, they held a joint hearing. Wait joint here. Well, thank you for punting for me. Okay. Just to, you know, taking away my most fun, but also reminding me that in college, when we wanted to go off to a session, we would look at each other, wink, Natalee and say that we needed to have a secret meeting of the joint subcommittee.

So, in fact, thank you for conjuring up that wonderful college. Back to the news. So apparently in DC, they held a joint hearing on a couple of bills to authorize legal sales in DC. Now the whole process by which DC would actually be able to sell legal marijuana and keep in mind that way back in 2014, DC voters voted to legalize the bizarre.

Home grows and the gifting of adult use cannabis, but they haven’t been able to actually implement anything because the process by which they do. So since they’re subject to the federal government involves being passed by both houses of Congress and president Biden, there has been on multiple occasions, a congressional rider coming from the house that includes some ability.

To sell legal marijuana there. But most times when those certainly Republican led Senate and now that provision gets dropped out. However, recently this provision is not been excised by the Senate, but here’s the thing, a budget that was advanced by president Biden. Recently didn’t include this ability for DC to be able to legalize sales.

That is one of many little signs of how much the Biden administration. Doesn’t care about advancing marijuana at all whatsoever in this country. And so who knows, maybe this goes through and president Biden lets legalization happen there, but let’s not hold our collective breaths. A big congrats in Massachusetts three years after legalization sales reach $2.3 billion.

Now moving on to Arizona. There’s a new lawsuit. That’s challenging the government or, and regulators saying essentially that when they created the regulations, they dropped out and didn’t implement the social equity provisions that were in the ballot that was passed by voters. Now, the question here is how does this impact the actual implementation of the legalization of adult use, which is currently moving forward?

So apparently the department was scheduled to start receiving applications in December, 2021. But that’s a little bit of state of flux. There’s who knows, perhaps there’s an injunction stopping this from proceeding. It was supposed to run actually this window from December 1st to December 14th. And let’s see what happens if this lawsuit possibly holds that up, moving over to Mississippi.

Whereas we’ve been talking, I think basically every week about whether or not governor Tate Reeves would hold a special session in order to move forward on a medical marijuana. Legalization proposal that was passed by voters. And basically what seems to be happening is the next session is starting in January.

We’re basically there. And so hopes and confidence that something’s going to happen in special session are dwindling moving over to Pennsylvania. And our latest news there bi-partisan senators are going to be introducing a bill that would allow medical marijuana patients to do their own homegrown.

Moving over to Wisconsin, lawmakers are going to be introducing a bipartisan decriminalization bill. So let’s see if there’s any progress there. Circling back to Montana, where we reported last about a ruled out prevent farmers from growing cannabis, but also hemp. At the same time, once the adult use market is implemented, they are going to strike that rule from the record that was introduced and stricken from the record in a week.

So. Didn’t last too long now, last but not least let’s move over to Indiana where Democrats and the legislature have announced that they’re going to make it their official position and goal to advance legalizing adult use cannabis and the upcoming legislation. So look who who’s looking to legalize is the name of a new doctor, Susan.

About Hoosier’s, who would like to legalize marijuana moving over to business news. Flora growth Corp has priced it’s underwritten public offering to raise $30 million, which coincidentally happens to be the same amount that they need to buy the premium accessory company. For $30 million moving over to air wellness.

The multi-state cannabis operator is borrowing approximately $150 million and then digital offering of senior secured notes. And I’m very pleased to report that my two favorite named companies in the business have news to report this week. So thank you for that gift first Schwab. Based out of Denver has spent $29 million to acquire a couple more dispensaries in his home state of Colorado bringing the company store account in that state 2 22 and my other favorite named cannabis company, Jewishy based out of Florida.

MSO Jewishy has announced the deal to acquire new leaf, which is a vertically integrated company based out of Nevada. Remember Nevada, not Nevada. Cause that’s what Veep taught us. This acquisition is going to happen for up to $62.5 million,


Moving over to science and medical news and article in the times highlighted the decades of research, including a recent study that showed the risks of consuming cannabis.

During pregnancy in particular, this study showed that. Using this can lead to more anxious and aggressive children. So something to keep in mind, unfortunately, things to abstain from during pregnancy, alcohol, sushi, and cannabis,


Moving over to international news outside of Germany. Mexico is saying a Germany, hold my beer or more fittingly hold my joint.

Cause apparently it really seems like during this next legislative session, they’re going to try and finally legalize adult use marijuana. And in one of these articles about it, I found it very interesting that this odd system where the Supreme court comes to a ruling four times and the legislature has to eventually implement.

And if one of these articles about it, they said that the Supreme court literally ruled that cannabis prohibition violated the human right of free expression of a person’s personality, so intense stuff. But we have to note the fact as once Mexico legalizes, the U S is effectively the Turkey and a weed legalization, simple.

Yeah, Turkey, uh, you know, in a sandwich, you know, it’s not my favorite line. That’s a little bit of self grown, but Hey, they can’t be all gold. It’s gold, Jerry gold. And he, Seinfeld reference is a good one. Now moving over to miscellaneous. Biden and is a official annual ceremony, pardoned, a couple turkeys for Thanksgiving, but what happened next to the press conference was actually quite awesome.

A reporter there asked Jen Saki, the press secretary, or any, human’s going to be pardoned by president Biden. Like the people incarcerated for marijuana. To which she responded. She has nothing new to update you on. So that was a bit of a burn there from that reporter. There also was a survey released this week by pew, my favorite surveyor to name pew kind of dug deeper into the demographics about legalization support than other polls, like Gallup have done.

And so they broke down demographics more specifically. What they found was that in Republicans, what they call the ambivalent right now, this is the one of the youngest groups of Republicans. And this kind of describe who they are, their whole conservative views about the size of government, the economic system, and issues of race or gender, but they were the only group on the political, right.

In which majority is favor of legal abortion and say, marijuana should be legal for recreational medical use. So the percentage of these ambivalent. Group that believed that marijuana should be legalized as sitting at 60%, two of the other Republican groups, the populous right and committed conservatives, hover around 50% support of adult use legalization and the demographic and Republicans that is not a fan of legalization.

They called the faith and flag conservatives. There was also a Rasmussen report, which I think typically. Objectively people consider to be a little bit more conservative, found that 62% of Americans want to see adult use legalization nationwide.


Now in our celebrity cameo of the week, it has been announced that this is fantastic.

Jonah hill is going to play Jerry Garcia and a biopic directed by Martin Scorsese, which I am quite, quite excited about. And that is our final news story of the. And so I say, stay grassy my buds, and I’ll see you next week.

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