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Cannabis Last Week

Episode 6: The One Where Americans Want Legal Weed

Poll shows Americans overwhelmingly support adult-use legalization; NY regulators says no adult-use licenses until 2023 … and more!




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HIGHLIGHTS: Poll Shows Americans Overwhelmingly Support Adult Use Legalization + NY Regulators Says No Adult Use Licenses Until 2023 + More!

NOT SO GOLDEN NUGGET: Investigators Find THC Vapes Can Cause Heavy Metal Exposure

Awesome Announcement: The podcast is now #67 on Feedspot’s List of 100 Best Cannabis Podcasts!

+ More= Does DEA Not Consider Hemp-Derived Delta-8 Prohibited? + JP Morgan Chase Says No More Cannabis Stocks + More?!

Hybrid News/Analysis Extract from 420+ Sources: Featuring all the developments this past week in the cannabis world on the federal level, state legalization/implementation, science/technology, business deals, international scene, social equity, celebrity cameos, and miscellaneous ridiculousness.


DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own, and not those of my law firm Zuber Lawler.  Even though I drop knowledge bombs, the show is NOT legal advice.

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Hello, my buds and welcome to the November 8th episode of Cannabis Last Week from Global Cannabis Times hybrid news and analysis extract from 420 plus sources in our highlight stories this week, a Gallup poll showed once again that an effin ton of Americans support legalization and new York’s head regulator says that cannabis licenses ain’t coming until 2023.

And our not so golden nugget story investigators have found the THC vape cartridges can lead to heavy metal exposure. No, I’m your host, John Purow and one piece of news. I’m happy to announce that the podcast has been selected for feed spots, lists of the top 100 cannabis podcasts. We are currently sitting at number 67 and I’m not happy to just make the list there.

I want to Scarface style go straight to the top. So please feel free to go on to your favorite podcast platform and leave us a review. Now, before we get down to business, I need to make my standard. When I am not Batman during the day I practice cannabis and IP law at the law firms. So I need to note that any opinion that I express on this show is not that in my law firm and as, instead in my own opinion, for example, if I was to state that Jonathan majors most recently seen in the harder they fall on Netflix is a bad-ass actor and also has a fantastic first name.


That would be my own view. And not that it was Zuber Lawler. Now, as always, if you have any feedback, please feel free to send it by email, to


All right onto the news and our highlight stories. Gallup released another poll that showed that 68% of Americans are in favor of legalization, which holds steady from the last poll that they conducted and which is way, way higher than all of the polls they conducted over the past couple of decades.

So the interesting thing is, as was the case in the poll in 2020, Majorities of every single class of adult supported legalization, including Republicans who supported legalization at the very slim margin of 50% to 49%. But we’ll take it. And in our other highlights story, unfortunately in my home state of New York, the head of the CCB, the regulatory body, tremendous.
Said that they are operating on an 18 month timeline to legali
ze adult use sales. They’re not anticipating issuing any licenses for adult use dispensary’s until the spring of 2023, which came as an unpleasant surprise to everyone in the.


Now in our not so golden nugget story this week, as I said earlier, investigators have found that THC cartridges can lead to heavy metal exposure.

And unfortunately, when I say heavy metal, I’m not talking about it makes you want to listen to Metallica and Soundgarden. Unfortunately. These investigators in Washington, they studied 13 different samples. And the important thing to know is these are not samples from vapes. So on the unregulated or black market, these are actually vapes that are sold in the regulated market and what they found was, and why they show 13 samples and one with an unlucky number.

I don’t know. But what they found was that in the aerosols, from the vapes and then the oil itself, after heating, they found heavy metals, such as copper and nickel. Now the odd thing about the study was that it found that when there are more turpines and there as old oil, there were less heavy metals.


Not sure why in the words of Alanis Morissette kind of hard to figure, but that was what they found. And I mean, stating the obvious, unfortunately heavy metals are bad because they could have negative health effects like brain damage.


Moving on to federal news, a couple of senators, Dianne Feinstein, and Brian Schatz tacked on.
To the national defense authorization act, a bill that related to making research easier for medical marijuana. So it would enable researchers who want to investigate to manufacturer the plant easily and more easily included. In studies. The senators have previously had a standalone bill relating to cannabis research, which passed the Senate unanimously.

However it ran out of time in the house and the most recent session. And so it wasn’t passed. And so now they’re trying to tack it onto the defense bill, moving over to the DEA and interesting news. People who are making Delta eight are wondering if perhaps the da has signaled subtly in two different occasions that it does not consider Delta eight derived from hemp to be illegal.

Now, here is the first of those two situations, a da liaison told a Florida panel hemp operators on a call. A recorded call though. Alas, that Delta nine THC is the only controlled substance that comes from him. The second instance in the September letter to the Alabama board of pharmacy, the head of the DA’s drug and chemical evaluation section told regulators that THC quote unquote synthetically produced from non-cannabis materials is a controlled substance.

And so the figuring is that Delta eight THC, since they’re converted from CBD, that comes from hemp. Some people are reading into that saying that’s actually kosher, but no, my opinion, it seems like Delta eight producers are grasping at leaves looking for any sign that it’s legal when this might just be random quotes and everything that aren’t reflective of the overall DEA policy.

And. Moving on the congressional research service issued a report, which examined the question. Does the president have the power to legalize marijuana? The takeaway is from the report, which was probably pretty long, or that the president can not deschedule cannabis without the help of Congress, but he could potentially push executive agencies to alter the schedule for cannabis or change how they enforced.


And one of the issues apparently is how it is treated in international treaties, which kind of bind our hands to a certain extent though. The us hasn’t necessarily live by treaties in the past when it comes to things like war. So perhaps there might be some wiggle room. But the one thing that the research service did conclude certainly is that the president can pardon entire class of people.

I E people who get charged or convicted with federal marijuana offenses, they could just out say, anyone can charge with. With marijuana is not going to go to jail. And so that was one thing he potentially could do. But the congressional research service did not as your report on was what the president actually be willing to do any of this stuff.

Well, it made certain signals during the campaign. He has been unfortunately, a bit of a disappointment to legalization advocates since he’s taken off.


Moving over to state news and additional news from New York regulators have now approved rules for the hemp program. And unfortunately they explicitly made it clear that Delta eight products are prohibited from being marketed, but cannabis businesses in New York.

And now start applying to the state for license to sell hemp products, which will open up the sale of hemp products, including. CBD and ingestible products. As we recently saw in California with the bill that Newsome approved, moving over to Virginia Republican candidate, Glen Yuncken was just elected.
And so now the question is how is it going to impact legalization of adult use marijuana in the state? Now he has an issue, too many statements on it, but one thing he did say during the campaign was that he considered legalization in markets, such as California and Colorado to have failed. So let’s not hold our breath that this is going to be a positive development for adult use sales in Virginia, which are not slated to start until 2020.

Moving over to Illinois and big green round numbers, mazeltov, Illinois, as you have now had 1 billion and adult use sales already in 2021 with over $120 million of sales in October. Now, the interesting thing about this is two thirds of the sales are residents, and one third are tourists. So that is a nice, healthy chunk of cannabis tourism that the state is.

Um, to my current state of New Jersey medical cannabis dispensaries, I’ve signaled to the state that they are ready to start selling adult use marijuana because according to the bill that passed, they needed to show that they could service their medical patients before starting adult use sales. And they have now signaled.

Hey. Moving on to Pennsylvania where we’ve seen a bunch of movement recently and polls and otherwise stay representative. And Melissa Schusterman introduced legislation to expand the number of medical cannabis growers in the state to help the burgeoning market in Arkansas. A grassroots campaign has started gathering signatures in order to get on the ballot of her 2022 for adult use legalization in the state.

Good luck and Godspeed moving over to Mississippi, which we’ve covered a little. Now to recap here in 2020 voters approved a measure for medical marijuana at a 70% clip, which was then knocked down by the state Supreme court on a bullshit technicality. And so now legislators have been working with the governor to advance their own medical marijuana proposal.

While the governor tape briefs, it promised the special session in order to advance this, he had been dragging his feet and no one exactly knew what. And now the governor has clarified that his issues with the current bill that is being shopped around right now, or the Mount of marijuana that medical patients can hold.

And the THC content of it. Now the current bill has four ounces as the amount that people can legally buy. And so it looks like they’re going to have to knock that down, to come to a compromise and have Tate Reeves call the special session. Moving on to New Hampshire lawmakers, there have introduced legislation to legalize adult use cannabis.

Now it seems that according to the bill sponsors that there is bipartisan support and in the latest poll in New Hampshire, 75% of residents support adult use legalization. So it’s possible that there could be some movement there. However, Republican government or Chris Sununu has historically opposed and legalization and said no.

Sorry, that was a self grown. I couldn’t help myself. I mean, you know, it’s a new news fund to say. I just, yeah, I couldn’t restrain myself moving onto Montana. Now, prior to the launch of the adult use market in the new year, there’ve been regulations issued on a steady clip and the latest regulations require that growers have licensed marijuana cannot grow hemp at the same time and bake news.

The hemp farmers of Montana released a statement that said, What? Yes. So that was a non positive development for current hemp farmers. We will see how that plays out and last but not least in Massachusetts, which now has delivery of adult use marijuana. There’s a bit of an issue there because it apparently with the regulations is very, very difficult to make this process profitable because of the requirements, including.

That there need to be two drivers for any of these delivery services.


Now moving over to the city level, and perhaps we need a new section for cities because cities are making like Serrano and major league at the end and saying, if you know, help me now, states after you, I do it myself. So to illustrate in terms of the elections, recently, Philadelphia actually passed a ballot, which called on the governor and state assembly to legalize marijuana, which is great, but not really necessarily effective in getting anything done.
And seven, 14 Ohio municipalities approved decriminalization measures. But I guess it’s a way of the cities, you know, poking and nudging at the state to make some movement on legalization.


Moving over to business, or as I’m going to call it this time, rolling in the green JP Morgan chase, that Titanic bank has actually told this brokerage clients that they can no longer purchase cannabis related stocks and security starting November 8th, which was following similar move earlier this year by credits.
Now JP Morgan chase. I want to introduce you to history, AKA the wrong side of history, but apparently that’s their position now. And other business news and resurrecting my Boston accent, Columbia cab, one of the large MSPs in the country has closed its acquisition of medicine, man, a vertically integrated Colorado based cannabis company for consideration totaling $42 million.

And in other news, relating to the term colon. The Colombian cannabis firm from the country, Columbia floor growth to breach the definitive agreement to acquire a California based vessel brand for $30 million. They are a vape brand moving over to science and medical news and news. That should shock basically.

No one. And this is just one of the ridiculous things about how cannabis is treated in this country for decades. If you weren’t aware, there’s been only one. That has been approved by the DEA to cultivate marijuana for research purposes at the university of Mississippi, a study at the quality of the marijuana that was grown there, showed that rather than being close to what people actually buy in stores.
Now, the marijuana they are growing there is actually genetically closer to hemp, which as we all know. As a 0.3% THC content. So all the more reason why research bills, like the one that Diane Feinstein has tacked on to the NDA should be approved because what’s being tested now is not reflective of what people are buying.


Moving over to miscellaneous news in terms of big round green numbers, cannabis is apparently the fifth most valuable crop in the U S according to Lee fleas first ever cannabis harvest report, which studied only. The amount of cannabis grown in the 11 states that also have adult use where a currently are available to customers.

Now, I always love these studies when they try to translate that into numbers that we can relate to. So they said that this amount is equivalent to 57 Olympic sized swimming pools, or even funny. Over 2 billion joints, which is kind of a funny thing to picture now, moving over to psychedelic news and an interesting one.

The FDA has approved filament health Corp to conduct clinical trials relating to the first naturally sourced psychedelic substances. So this isn’t studies or trials that relate to psilocybin itself or mushrooms. These are studies relating to silos. Which is derived from silo’s side, which is derived from the mushrooms.

And this is an interesting step, as I like to say, perhaps psychedelic legalization by million micro doses.


And our last story, the celebrity cameo, the week little NAS X says that he came up with his album after doing shrooms in related news. I’m going to check it out, see how that played out. And with that, I say, Stay grassy my buds, and I’ll see you next week

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