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Episode 29: Jon Purow’s Cannaconvo with Jamie Pearson

Jon has a cannaconvo with Jamie Pearson of Bhang.




Jon sits down for a cannaconvo with Jamie Pearson of Bhang. Their wide-ranging conversation touches on growing brands in the uniquely challenging cannabis industry, and the all-important social equity and inclusion issues.

Bhang is committed to making the fairly enjoyable ridiculously fun. For over a decade Bhang has delivered exceptional sensory experiences to consumers through its extensive portfolio of over 50 master-chef-created cannabis, CBD and terpene products including gourmet chocolates, pre-rolls, CBD isolate, and Hempsticks™. Bhang’s highly-awarded chocolates are among the top-selling edibles in 7 U.S. states and Canada. Bhang’s CBD products are globally distributed and are known for being safe, efficacious and delicious

Among her many accolades, Pearson was chosen as one of the 2019 High Times Female 50, which honors the 50 most powerful female figures in the cannabis industry. She was also honored by High Times asking her to give the keynote speech entitled “Breaking the Glass Ceiling.”

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