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Entering Vermont, NuggMD Wants to Churn Up Med Registrations

Video telehealth platform says education will turn more users into licensed medical marijuana patients.




NuggMD will launch in Vermont just days before recreational sales start, but the cannabis telemedicine referral service still sees a market for its services. PHOTO FORMULAONE

NuggMD, the New York-based medical marijuana telemedicine platform, will expand to Vermont just ahead of recreational sales in the Green Mountain State. NuggMD-Vermont is launching its $99 teleconferenced medical-card referrals only days before Flora Cannabis launches recreational sales on Oct. 1, 2022.

“Some think it’s counterintuitive to launch a medical cannabis platform right before legal sales start, but it’s not,” says NuggMD co-founder and CMO Alex Milligan, “California has allowed recreational since 2016 and still has nearly 2 million patients. Most don’t even register with the state for tax benefits. They’re interested in other benefits of having a recommendation.”

Current participation in Vermont’s medical marijuana program is low compared to other states. Roughly only 0.6% of the state population has enrolled, compared to more than 9% of all Oklahomans and nearly 5% of Maine’s residents. NuggM sees drawing more registered patients to Vermont’s rosters — and its service — by educating them on Vermont’s MMJ program benefits.

NuggMD Co-founder and COO Kam Babazade points out registering for MMJ benefits includes exemption from 20% recreational cannabis taxes; the ability to purchase and possess twice as much cannabis as recreational users (2 oz vs. 1 oz); no potency cap (recreational is limited to 30% THC in flower and 60% THC in other products); and home delivery and curbside pickup options for patients only.

“The biggest benefit is having a doctor to guide you,” adds Babazade. “Marijuana is very intimidating to newcomers. It’s hard to know which mode of administration and dosages to take.”




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