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Dipping into Smokeless Tobacco CBD Alternatives

With Europeans reluctant to give up their snus, Cannadips Europe expands its line of nicotine-free CBD pouches.




Each of Cannadips’ CBD betwixt-cheek-and-gum snus contains 10mg of water dispersible CBD that can be absorbed quickly sublingually. PHOTO COURTESY CANNADIPS

Cannadips Europe, a maker of in-mouth pouches for the European market is expanding its CBD product line and introducing new pouches, affectionately known by the Swedish term snus, featuring energizing CBG and caffeine.

Each of Cannadips’ CBD betwixt-cheek-and-gum snus contains 10mg of water dispersible CBD that can be absorbed quickly sublingually. Cannadips (a SpectrumLeaf brand) was one of the first CBD pouch brands ever offered in the European market and has since gained success in 12 European markets both online and in-store.

Recognizing that users want to reduce their nicotine intake but not give up their beloved snus, the company has been on the trail of more nicotine-free snus alternatives. Cannadips recently expanded it CBD line of pouches with additional flavors, and introduced its new “Go Fuel” pouches — which mix caffeine and the “mother of all cannabinoids,” CBG.

“We understand that the habit of using in-mouth pouches is a lifestyle for many … This is why we’ve been working hard in diversifying our flavor selections as well as adding other solutions,” says Cannadips Europe’s CEO Felix Sundstrom.

Like CBD, Cannabigerol (CBG) is non-intoxicating and associated with claimed benefits like increased mental acuity. By pairing CBG with caffeine, Cannadips Go Fuel pouches are said to provide users a zippy, nicotine-free substitute.

“Like its name, the Go Fuel range is for the times when one needs an extra energy boost. To sum it up, we aim to give back to Cannadips fans by continuing to expand our nicotine-free pouch offerings so that they can use them for all kinds of occasions,” says Sundstrom.


London-based SpectrumLeaf, specializing in selecting and sourcing CBD products, operates the brands Elevar Hemp and Voon, in addition to Cannadips.



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