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Tailored for the Time of Day: DADiRRi’s Botanical-Infused Cannabis

New line taps the euphoric effects of cannabis and healing power of herbs to promote bonding with your day.




Cannabis company Dadirri joined forces with botanicals specialist Velvet Roots Apothecary for its cannabis and herb blended pre-rolls. PHOTO DADIRRI

Denver-based cannabis brand DADiRRi’s and Velvet Roots Apothecary announced this week the launch Botanicals — a line of infused pre-rolls offering three distinct herbal blends mixed with full-spectrum cannabis.

DADiRRi’s says each blend has been created to promote wellness and align with the time of day. The new Botanicals line allows customers to use the euphoric effects of cannabis and herbs tailored to promote wellness … from dawn to dusk.

DADiRRi, a lifestyle brand that specializes in cannabis products, is retailer of infused joints and solventless concentrates. Velvet Roots Apothecary is a small batch online CBD apothecary that makes wild botanical and CBD products for medicinal, self care and ritual purposes.

The new Botanicals line they created in partnership comes in three formulations named for their time of day: Align, Thrive and Soothe. Each blend features a herbal and cannabis pairing that is sourced sustainably and packaged in 5-gram pre-rolls made of unbleached bamboo paper.

  • Align – A morning blend meant to awaken the senses, relax muscles and focus your mind. Mullein and Marshmallow Leaf are combined with base herbs to support the respiratory system. The calming herb Holy Basil is said to help with mental focus, mood elevation and overall calmness. Flavored with peppermint, the herbal blend is combined with a top-tier Sativa cannabis strain.
  • Thrive – An afternoon blend designed with hikers in mind and ideal for connecting with nature. Mullein, Marshmallow Leaf, and Yerba Santa are three lung-opening herbs that help soothe and clear the respiratory system. Herbs include Hawthorn to promote a healthy heart and Skullcap to alleviate stress. Rose flavored, the herbal blend is combined with a Hybrid cannabis strain for a mid-day pick-me-up.
  • Soothe – A soothing evening blend designed to calm and relax. To relieve nervous tension, Damiana is used as a base herb. Holy Basil and Passionflower to meant to promote a natural sleep rhythm. Lavender flavoring provides a sweet,The herbal blend is combined with a top-tier Indica cannabis strain.

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