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Entering the Emerald Triangle: New Cookies Dispensary Opens in Mendocino County

Cookies hires local cannabis legend Ishta Muhammad to enlighten guests on Northern Cali’s famed weed.




The new Cookies dispensary is Ukiah, CA at 1104 S. State was created in a licensing partnership with Chandi Hospitality Group. PHOTO CHANDI HOSPITALITY GROUP

Cookies, led by Billboard-charting rapper and cannabis entrepreneur Berner, plans to draw deeply on Mendocino County’s cannabis wizardry with the opening of a new Northern California dispensary in Ukiah, CA.

“It is important to us that Cookie Mendocino represent the best of Northern California cannabis strains, products and culture. To realize this vision, we have hired a local legend, Ishta Muhammad, to be the store’s General Manager,” says Cookies in its announcement.

The August/September cover of Forbes, featuring rapper, entrepreneur and Cookies CEO, Berner.


Ishta Muhammad was born and raised in Ukiah, in the heart of the California’s  “Emerald Triangle” of cannabis.. After surviving cancer, Muhammad learned an entirely new purpose and love for the plant and the ways it could help people. Her quest is to enlighten the world on local cannabis and supports local producers of Northern Cali’s famed weed.

“We are excited to showcase award winning local cannabis products and look forward to meeting even more of our local industry,” says Muhammad. She invites growers in the region to contact her at Cookies Mendocino to audition their OG.


The new store, which opened this week at 1104 S. State, in Ukiah, was created in a licensing partnership with Chandi Hospitality Group — an independent restaurants, franchises and real estate development group.

“We are hopeful that this project will bring more awareness to the business of cannabis and create opportunities for other small businesses to enter the cannabis industry,” says Sonu Chandi, CEO, Chandi Hospitality Group.

Cookies hot off the Berner

Cookies is a globally recognized cannabis company focused on creating game-changing genetics. The company offers a collection of over 70 proprietary cannabis cultivars and more than 2,000 products. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company has expanded to over 50 retail locations in 17 markets across 5 countries.

Cookies was named one of America’s Hottest Brands of 2021 by AdAge; the first cannabis brand to ever receive this accolade. It’s co-founder, Berner, was the first cannabis entrepreneur to be recently featured on the cover of Forbes. To learn more about Cookies, visit, 



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