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Basketball Star Chris Webber Goes for Slam Dunk With “Players Only” Cannabis Brand

NBA Hall of Famer rolls out premium offerings with limited product drops at select Cookies dispensaries.




NBA-All Star Chris Webber playing in the NBA Asia Challenge 2010 in the Philippines in 2010. PHOTO INBOUNDPASS/WIKIMEDIA

NBA Hall of Famer and cannabis entrepreneur Chris Webber this week announced the worldwide launch of his luxury cannabis brand, Players Only, with his business partner Lavetta Willis.

Webber is a 5-time NBA All-Star who has played for The Golden State Warriors, the Washington Bullets, Sacramento Kings, Philadelphia 76ers and Detroit Pistons. The NBA icon will unveil Players Only in his home state of Michigan before expanding the brand to additional markets.

Players Only is partnering with musicians, entertainers, influencers, legacy cultivators and community organizations on collaborations on products and initiatives. The brand collaborates with black cultivators and operators, including Winner’s Circle Genetics owner Hassim Robinson and bringing his famous PB&J strain and rapper Quavo’s Birkinz to the Michigan market.

The new brand will be available throughout Michigan for purchase at select Cookies dispensaries, operated by Bay Area rapper and cannabis-entrepreneur Berner in partnership with Gage Growth, a provisioning center chain with more than 40 locations across four countries in Michigan. In March 2022, TerrAscend secured exclusive retail rights for Players Only products in Michigan through the acquisition of Gage Growth.

Webber’s Players Only line boasts an array of cannabis products and experiences, including flower, oil cartridges, pre-rolls, vapes, sport recovery and performance products, as well as Players Only branded apparel and footwear.

“Players Only is more than a cannabis brand – it’s a lifestyle brand,” Webber said. “We truly have a unique opportunity to change the narrative around cannabis, empower rising entrepreneurs and set a new standard in this growing industry. We’re thrilled to launch our versatile offerings and begin the process of creating meaningful economic change in communities across Michigan. Shout out to TerrAscend and Gage — our Michigan family. Much love to Cookies and Berner, let’s go!”




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