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CBD Kratom Opens Upper West Side Store

The company plans to open three more New York stores in early 2022.




CBD Kratom, the largest privately owned cannabis and kratom chain in the United States, opened its fifth New York City store at 2039-B Broadway in the Upper West Side.

“The iconic Upper West Side is an ideal neighborhood for us as we continue our expansion in New York City,” CBD Kratom retail director Ocean Cohen said in a statement.

Kratom is derived from a native Southeast Asian tree with leaves containing the opioid-like chemical mitragynine. CBD Kratom infuses its products with kratom and various cannabinoids such as THC-O, a synthetic cannabinoid that is stronger than naturally occurring delta-9 THC.

THC-O acetate (THC-O) is a hemp-derived isomer with strong psychotropic properties, meaning it has the ability to alter mood, behavior and perception and may also help reduce pain, promote relaxation and decrease stress in users.

“Adding THC-O to our product line along with a store in the Upper West Side allows us to connect with even more people looking for wellness solutions. The neighborhood has a relaxed vibe and customers will find the same welcoming atmosphere inside our store,” Cohen said.

With five stores already in operation, CBD Kratom’s massive NYC expansion is still far from over. The company plans to open three more stores in SoHo, the Financial District and the Upper East Side in early 2022.


Since opening its first store in 2016, CBD Kratom has expanded countrywide with 47 locations in six major cities: Chicago, Dallas, Houston, NYC, Philadelphia and St. Louis. The company offers more than 600 cannabis products including CBD, THC-O, CBG and other cannabinoids, as well as more than 50 strains of pure kratom and various kratom specialty products.

“Growing our New York City footprint is critical, and the Upper West Side provides us with a significant boost in reach and visibility,” Cohen said. “It’s a diverse neighborhood that attracts a high volume of people and we look forward to introducing ourselves and our products to them. At our stores, we make sure everyone finds their fit so they can sleep well, wake well and live well.”

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