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Cannadips Europe Dips Into Terpene-Only Snus

Terpene Pouch Collection features flower-extracted terpenes condensed into a smokeless pouch form.




Cannadips Europe’s Natural Mint snus will be infused with the terpene caryophyllene.mCaryophyllene, found in black pepper and known for being spicy, is commonly used as an ingredient in combination with others to deliver anti-inflammatory benefits. PHOTO CANNADIPS

Cannadips Europe, a SpectrumLeaf brand specializing in premium CBD smokeless pouches for the European market, has announced partnering with Haypp Group of Scandinavia for a new, terpenes-only product line.

Haypp today began offering Cannadips Terpene Pouch Collection, featuring flower-extracted terpenes condensed into a smokeless pouch form. The pouches, known as ‘snus’ in Europe, contain no tobacco, nicotine, CBD or THC, and are said to offer snus lovers a healthier alternative. Haypp, a leader in the e-commerce in seven countries, will market Cannadips’ pouches on its online platform that serves nearly 700,000 customers,

“Haypp is the perfect partner to further grow Cannadips and put it on the global stage, as we have the same objectives to offer healthier alternatives to users,” says Felix Sundström, CEO of London-based SpectrumLeaf, whose other brands include Elevar Hemp and Voon.”This Terpene Range is hopefully only the start of exciting new products to be offered on Haypp’s platforms.”

Cannadips, based in Arcata, CA, says the terpene-focused pouches were created by Haypp and Cannadips as alternative for those who want to experience the power of nature, but without any cannabis.

“I couldn’t be more excited to continue to revolutionize and evolve the dip experience.” says Cannadips’ Founder Case Mandel. “We started in 2016 by creating the original smokeless cannabis and CBD dip pouch, which was revolutionary. We are proud to announce we have now created the original smokeless terpene pouch that can provide consumers an exciting delivery system for terpenes that is of course tobacco and nicotine free.”

Cannadips Terpene Range comes in four flavors – Mint, Citrus, Mango, and Wintergreen. The collection became available on February 13.




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