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Please Stop Asking That!

BUZZ SESSION: Here are the customer queries that make you sigh secretly inside.


What are some things you wish customers wouldn’t ask you?

  • What’s the THC percentage in this? — Laniakea Evans, 365 Recreational Cannabis, Santa Rosa, CA
  • Is this legal? LOL! — Melissa Hager, The Herb Shop, Jenkintown, PA
  • Q: Can I have free weed with my packaging sample? A: We sell packaging only. — Christina Corbin, Green Rush Packaging, Irvine, CA
  • Why is this so expensive? Look, we’re paying out the ass for taxes, jumping through hoops and not enjoying this any more than you are! It’s expensive at every level! — Jerred Kiloh, The Higher Path, Sherman Oaks, CA
  • Any questions about marijuana are annoying. We only sell CBD products at this time. — Cara Marcoux, Harbor Hemp Company, Coventry, CT
  • None! Education is a core part of our platform. — Leah Madden, Greenprint Growth Partners, Oakland, CA
  • What time do you close? — Morgan Michel, The Fire House NW, Ellensburg, WA
  • Can I get a better deal? — Von Dellinger, IHC, Portland, OR
  • Can I have a discount? — Doug Mancosky, New Bridge, Rome, GA
  • When is (names the most popular, hot-selling product) going to be on sale? — Tyler Ryan, Oasis Cannabis, Las Vegas, NV
  • Why are the taxes so high? — Megan Prusynski, Doobie Nights, Santa Rosa, CA
  • Why does it cost so much? — Matt Storey, Charlotte’s Web, Pflugerville, TX
  • What’s the percentage? Is this indica or sativa? — Meaghan Callahan, CommCan, Medway, MA
  • Will it work for me? — Lauren Nedelman, CBD DOG HEALTH, New York, NY
  • What’s the highest testing product you have? Customers need education on terpenes and need to learn that potency testing is not the end-all, be-all for what they will experience from the product. — Jessa Burgess, Smokey’s,
    Garden City, CO
  • Can you lower your prices? Ugh, we already have tiny margins! — Rebecca Willis, Kikoko,Emeryville, CA
  • Do you use your own products? — Chris Coulter, Big Tree, Wichita, KS
  • It’s annoying when business partners ask us to make an exception to the minimum order quantity in our contracts with them. But as for customers, we don’t have any consumer questions we don’t like to answer because we love to educate! — Derek Besenius, LabCanna, Nashville, TN
  • What is the cheapest you can go? Can’t you cut me a deal? — Jonathan Solomon, Proleve, Tampa, FL
  • Do you guys take credit cards? — Jonathan Napol, The Hempest Dispensary, Northampton, MA
  • Can I have free samples? — Vaughn Johnson, Lightshade Labs, Denver, CO
  • Are your edibles indica or sativa? — Maggie Wilson, Fruit Slabs, Long Beach, CA

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