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Cann and Weedmaps Pair Up to “Say Gay” with Diverse Star-Studded Music Video

Original song and music video for “Taste So Good” bring together diverse faces, voices and advocates.




Cann and Weedmaps “Say Gay” with diverse star-studded campaign celebrating queer joy, inclusivity and cannabis. PHOTO BUSINESS WIRE

“As a queer-founded brand, it was a dream come true to work on this campaign …”


Queer-founded cannabis company Cann debuted a new music video to kick off its 2022 Pride Campaign in collaboration with cannabis marketplace Weedmaps. The campaign, which spotlights Cann’s new Lite flavors and Weedmaps’ recently announced direct ordering services, celebrates the LGBTQ+ community with the bouncing original song and music video – “Taste So Good.”

An anthem for a movement focused on radical inclusivity, the production features a diverse, all-star cast: Gus Kenworthy, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Hayley Kiyoko, Vincint and LGBTQ+ ally (and co-founder of cannabis consumption lounge Fantom Flower) Patricia Arquette. They are joined by top drag performers from VH1’s Season 14 of RuPaul’s “Drag Race”: Kornbread, Kerri Colby, Jorgeous, as well as newly crowned winner, Willow Pill. Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter-producer MNEK is a featured vocalist on the song.

“As a queer-founded brand, it was a dream come true to work on this campaign with the most amazing tribe of queer icons and celebrity allies to introduce the new Lite flavors while championing our message of equality for Pride,” said Luke Anderson of Cann — co-founded in Los Angeles by Anderson and Jake Bullock in 2019. Cann says it is now the top-selling THC-infused beverage in the U.S. The company’s line of branded products offer a variety of microdosed, non-alcoholic cannabis beverages that deliver a buzz similar to a beer or glass of wine. Vegan, gluten-free and low in calories, Cann uses all-natural ingredients. It’s new sugar-free Lite flavors line weigh in at less than 10 calories each.

The videos features a couple seeking relief from last night’s partying, and calling in for a cannabis rescue via Weedmap’s new direct ordering feature. PHOTO COURTESY WEEDMAPS+CANN



Weedmaps offers LGBTQ+ preference shopping
Weedmaps offers customers the unique ability to find and engage with LGBTQ+ owned cannabis businesses through its online marketing platform. Weedmaps’ “2021: Cannabis in America” report found that only 13% of cannabis consumers know if their cannabis retailer reflects a specific ownership type, such as LGBTQ+, but more than 37% say they want to shop with LGBTQ+-owned cannabis businesses.

“The LGBTQ+ community has been at the forefront of many significant moments in history that have brought the cannabis industry to where it is today, and with our mission to promote inclusivity within the cannabis economy, it was a natural decision to collaborate with Cann on this pride campaign,” said Juanjo Feijoo, CMO of Weedmaps.

The talent behind “Taste”
“Taste So Good” was written by singer, songwriter and record producer Leland, who has produced for Troye Sivan, Selena Gomez and others. The video was produced by London Alley, which has crafted videos for Lil Nas X, Doja Cat and Ariana Grande, and directed by one of the industry’s top queer directors, Jake Wilson, who has helmed projects with Lizzo and Cher.

“We continue to see disparity in the cannabis space as it relates to the LGBTQ+ community and this campaign is aimed at changing that narrative and celebrating inclusivity and opportunity,” said Jake Bullock, CEO of Cann. “We’re excited to work with Weedmaps, a partner that is equally passionate about advancing the cannabis industry in these areas.”

To view the brands’ “Taste So Good” music video, visit, and for additional details on the campaign, visit




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