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Ball Family Farms Creates New Strain for “P-Valley” Star J. Alphonse Nicholson

Nicholson, brand ambassador for the Los Angeles cultivator, turned to healing cannabis to focus better on his acting.




Chris Ball, CEO of Ball Family Farms, is seen checking a cannabis sativa plant at his Los Angeles cultivation facility. PHOTO COURTESY PRNEWSIRE

Ball Family Farms, the first vertically integrated, black-owned commercial indoor grow facility in Los Angeles, announced this week the release of the bespoke strain “The Phonzie,” created in collaboration with “P-Valley” star J. Alphonse Nicholson.

A preview of the packaging for The Phonzie from Ball Family Farms. PHOTO PRNEWSWIRE

Nicholson, the critically lauded lead of STARZ’s hit crime series “P-Valley” set in a Mississippi strip club, chose to partner with Ball Family Farms after finding their cannabis aided in calming his anxiety —  allowing him to focus on his acting.

The new strain, named for the actor and musician, was exclusively pheno-hunted to incorporate terpenes limonene and caryophyllene, which are associated with calm and relaxation and aimed at easing anxiety and stress. The Phonzie will hit California retail stores later this month.

“I’m a huge fan of sativa-dominate hybrids that still have a slight indica feel. Chris and his team cultivated exactly what I wanted,” said Nicholson. “From the nose to the structure The Phonzie is truly a beautiful strain. Its smooth taste gives you an excellent high that allows you to move throughout your day calm and relaxed, feeling energized and not heavy.”

A cannabis believer

Nicholson, who has dealt with anxiety his entire life, found respite from the day-to-day grind in Ball Family Farms’ terpene-rich cannabis. Nicholson has always had a love for cannabis and is a firm believer in the medicinal properties of the plant. From dealing with anxiety to insomnia, cannabis has become a part of Nicholson’s daily routine.  The Phonzie, crafted in his honor, is a cross between Bruce Leroy and Laura Charles with the sweet taste of Skittles and cream and a fruity aroma.


Actor and musician J. Alphonse Nicholson, who serves as brand ambassador for Ball Family Farms of Los Angeles, turned to the healing powers of cannabis to focus better on his acting. PHOTO PRNEWSWIRE

“Without terpenes, you’re smoking air,” says Chris Ball, CEO of Ball Family, a social equity license recipient who founded the company in 2018 to create premium cannabis products.  “The terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids — each element is going to give you a different experience. We try and focus on that here at BFF because the entourage effect is more essential than THC alone for a top-tier product.”

The family-owned indoor farm is focused on the wellness impact of cannabis. The hand-crafted flower is cultivated with attention to the best possible mix of terpenes and is produced in-house to precise standards. Its 100% organic cultivation program, recycled natural soil and sustainable closed-loop system never include synthetics or pesticides.

According to the company, its first commercial strain, Daniel Larusso, quickly became one of the most popular strains in stores.

Nicholson is a father, husband, percussionist and actor, most notably known for his iconic role as “Lil’ Murda” on “P-Valley.” In 2020 he was named the first and only brand ambassador for Ball Family Farms.




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